Struggling with a Distracted Dog?

One of the biggest struggles we often have as a pet parent is getting our dog to listen to us outside. They have a variety of scents such as freshly cut grass, the neighbor’s sizzling food, the stray cat down the road, and we can’t forget to mention the pee-mail on their local fire hydrant. … Read more

Building Confidence in Dogs

When pet owners discuss a lack of confidence in their dog, a few descriptions that come up are words such as insecure, fearful, nervous, or shy. These characteristics describe real behaviors that influence the physiological state of behavior. However, to understand and alter behavior, we need to be cautious of putting human labels on our … Read more

Puppy Developmental Stages

Raising a puppy can be a fun journey for a pet owner. We aren’t just introducing this puppy into our household, but we are introducing the puppy to the world. All the new sights, sounds, and smells can all get a puppy’s curiosity going and, as a pet owner, it’s our responsibility to encourage it … Read more

There’s a place for us

Do you have a spot you gravitate to in your house when you’re not doing anything? Some place you can sit and not be in the way of anyone else’s activities, where you can be comfortable and relax? Is there a particular end of the couch that is ‘your spot’ that you gravitate towards when … Read more

Colorado Bend State Park Review

Venture Dog Training head trainer Steven Tallas CDTK hikes Colorado Bend State Park and shares tips about the Gorman Falls Trail. Colorado Bend State Park is located in Bend, TX. More information about it is available on the Park’s official website:

So You Want a Puppy for Christmas…

For all that the holidays can be a bad time to bring a pet home, it can also be a great time to bring a pet home. For many people- especially those who don’t tend to have large holiday celebrations, the holidays mean some extra time off and somewhat modified schedules at many jobs, especially … Read more

It Takes A Village

Having a reactive dog can make you feel incredibly alone as a dog owner. It feels like everyone else is enjoying the dog park, taking their dog to meetups or restaurant patios, or even just enjoying chatting with people after class without constantly having to manage their dogs in order not to find themselves with … Read more

Dog-Friendly Shopping

Enjoying the world around you with your dog doesn’t have to be limited to the great outdoors. A surprising number of stores are pet-friendly for well-behaved dogs. Shopping can be a great activity to enjoy with your pet, especially pets who are neutral with strange humans, but anxious about other dogs- even if you run … Read more