Tips for a Relaxing Thanksgiving

Holidays can be incredibly stressful. Between travel, meal planning and prep, family politics, and a disrupted schedule, Thanksgiving takes a lot of energy and attention, especially for something that is supposed to be about sitting around the table and relaxing. There are strategies to help make your dog find Thanksgiving less stressful (long walks before … Read more

Considering adoption?

2020 has been a record-breaking year in so many ways, including record numbers of people deciding that staying home makes now a great time to add a pet to their family. Venture Dog Trainer Brandi McKnight has a strong background with rescue pups and is a long-time trainer with Houston Pets Alive. Here are some … Read more

Canine Enrichment

Canine Enrichment is a concept that focuses on providing your dog with the chance to use their skills- mental and physical- to engage with their environment in an interactive, self-directed way. This can have huge benefits that include decreased stress and boredom, increased confidence, and keeps dogs mentally and physically healthy. Enrichment started with wildlife … Read more

Halloween Success!

Getting ready to head out with your pet for some fall fun this coming weekend? October brings us cooler weather and great places to socialize our pets, along with pumpkin and costume photos galore! Here are a few tips to make your pumpkin patch visit more success and less of a struggle! Know your dog … Read more

Punishment for Dogs

Let’s cover the topic of hitting the dog as a form of punishment. Just so we’re on the same page to start, as a certified dog trainer, I do not recommend any form of forceful physical contact when it comes to punishment. Hitting, swatting, spanking, pinching, or holding is justified by some sources as a … Read more

The Impacts of Free Feeding

Have you ever wondered if you should keep your dog’s food down all day or put it down only during meal times? This topic stems to fuel a debate amongst pet owners and definitely an understandable one. This concept is called Free Feeding and has some cautionary concerns that come along with it. When a dog feeds throughout the day, this gives them access to food anytime they want. In fact, when I visited my local pet store, I found a bowl with a gallon jug attached to it. Just as one would fill a water jug, the owner is responsible to only feed the dog when the gallon gets low or empty. Although this makes things easier for a pet owner, is it the most beneficial for the dog? Let’s take a look into 3 important categories that highly impact a dog’s life. Medically … Read more

Play With Your Dog

Are you interested in building your dog’s instinctual drive, create a fun environment, and improve their obedience all at the same time? Look no further than mental and physical exercises. But, first, let’s understand the importance of why these games and exercises matter before we dive in deeper into how to implement this. Improvements of … Read more

Stress & Fear-Based Reactivity in Dogs

You notice your dog’s tail shoot under their rear, their eyes widen, and they are obviously looking for an easy escape route. Suddenly, the playful dog that you normally know is not so playful anymore. They stop wanting to take treats and you can’t help but feel bad as you watch their legs tremble in … Read more

Achieving Success Through Management

I get it! You’ve done everything. You’ve watched all the TV shows about dog training, and practiced all the techniques you saw on YouTube. You’ve asked friends what to do, and even found a Facebook support group of people who like dogs and tried their suggested tips, but nothing you do helps your dog with … Read more