Decompression Walks

Decompression walks are a concept pioneered by Sarah Stremming of The Cognitive Canine. Just like humans, dogs receive massive benefits from getting out into nature and interacting with it in a calming, self-directed way. For humans, this usually takes the form of hiking or relaxed walks, but for dogs, much of this is made up of the chance to sniff, amble, dig, wade, and otherwise experience the world in a way that satisfies their natural instincts and is difficult or impossible to provide in an indoor environment.


This program is great for dogs who experience anxiety, stress, fear, reactivity, or need a new form of enrichment and exercise. Additionally, we offer a Socialization Program for dogs to learn how to properly co-exist with other dogs or a Solo Program for those that need extra attention. Schedule your pup for an evaluation today!  

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Safety Guidelines:

All dogs must pass a thorough behavior and medical evaluation before joining our program. We will provide 6 - 30ft long leashes for all the dogs and safe kennel transporting.

We abide by COVID-19 safety requirements.

Start the Journey:

Your dog will work on the following:

  • Environmental acclimation

  • Name Recognition

  • Recall on a 30ft long lead

  • Breed and age-appropriate exercise

  • Attention to handler

  • Body Awareness

  • Trail manners towards new people, dogs, and bicyclists

Designated Location & Price:

We are routinely reviewing and changing private locations to keep our travels fun and engaging for all involved. The price for each walk is $85 ($80/walk for 4 walk package!)

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Steven worked and is still working wonders with my dog, Hobbs. Hobbs is a rescue. Hobbs loves people, but has many traits of a dog that was born and spent some time on the streets. He is a bit reactive, guards resources, and has some stranger danger. But, also, like most rescues, Hobbs has a heart of gold and Steven really brought that out in him. Steven communicates well with me and with Hobbs. I receive continuous updates on his progress through calls, texts, and even a spreadsheet with what he's learned. I think the biggest miracle is that when I say "crate", Hobbs actually goes in his crate! The most important thing to me is not that Steven has taught Hobbs how to be a good dog, but that Hobbs loves Steven! I would recommend Steven to any dog lover who wants to make their dog's world safer and happier.

- Amy C.