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Cityside Obedience

Whether your dog is jumping on people, pulling ahead on leash, or needs to enhance their basic foundational behaviors, this program is for you!

In this program, you’ll learn a proven process and receive a customized plan to reduce overwhelm, improve your dog's behavior, and regain tranquility in your own home.

Advantages of our Cityside Obedience program:

  • The whole family will be on the same page for their dog’s training 

  • Confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your dog 

  • Your household will be properly set up to manage your dog inside and out 

  • Your dog will improve their skills with basic behaviors like sit, stay, and down.

Woman with her dogs | Best Dog Trainer in Austin TX

We help clients who are dealing with dogs who are jumping on people, pulling on leash, or being unruly and become empowered and knowledgeable teachers in their dog’s life. We do this by

  1. setting up a household structure where you and the dog can thrive,

  2. show you the exact steps to take to modify your dog's problem behavior, 

  3. and put together a future plan that the family can follow to reinforce the desired behavior for the rest of the dog's life.  

So that you can feel confident that your dog will listen and respond to you and you can have the canine- partner you dreamed of. 

Dogs that ace their obedience can register for AKC Canine Good Citizen Test! This test gathers 10 foundational skills that provide the perfect framework for training your dog to become a polite member of society. Passing dogs will earn an official certificate from the American Kennel Club. Let your trainer know if you'd like to register for the CGC Booster.

"Steven has done an amazing job training and educating me and by extension, my dog. Steven tailored our program specifically for my dog's personality and my concerns. In six sessions, my dog has made amazing progress, and I feel prepared and confident in handling his behavior. Steven is simply wonderful!"


Cityside Obedience (Intro Package)

Cityside Obedience Program

1 one-hour virtual lesson to get to know your situation and start action planning. Plus, 1 one-hour lesson in your home. Add lessons at your convenience ($175).

1 one-hour virtual lesson to get to know your situation and start action planning. Plus, 5 one-hour lessons in your home.


  • Allows your trainer to set your home environment up for success

  • Good for questions and answers along with 1 lesson follow-up

  • No commitment necessary

  • Cost efficient/removing the hefty cost of dog training


  • Allows your trainer to set each environment up for success

  • Great for dogs that need to learn basic cues like sit, down, and stay

  • Gradual exposure to public outings and mannerly greetings

  • Customizable to what you're looking to work on


Intro Package: $275


Cityside Package: $950
CGC Booster: $75

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