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Training Handout: Play
Dog Training Play

Play is the key to good manners and a strong bond: In addition to the obvious benefits of mental and physical exercise, play between you and your pup is the secret to developing a great relationship.  This great relationship is the key to a well-mannered dog who wants to listen to her owner.  Play is also an ideal way to teach your dog to understand communication and rules.  In this lesson, we will learn how to teach easy games that are great for playing with your dog: stalk/chase the toy, tug, and fetch (retrieve).

Teach your dog to play mannerly by engaging them in 3 easy games that satisfy their instinctual needs:

  • The Stalk Game

  • The Tug Game

  • The Retrieve Game

These games encourage your dog to learn structure when playing with other dogs, other members of the family, and yourself.

Image by Daniel Chaan | Dog Obedience Lessons Austin, TX
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