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Policies and Procedures

What is your cancellation policy?
As long as weather permits, you may reschedule or cancel your session up to 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations may result in forfeiting your fee and session.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my package early?

Any unused lessons can be refunded up to 2 months of original purchase. Lessons canceled after our two month timeframe will be forfeited.

What if I have questions after our consultation or session?

We welcome client communication! You may email or text us with any questions you have. Please allow up to 3 days for us to get back to you. If it is a lengthy question and something not communicated well over email I would encourage you to book a follow-up session with us.

Can I get a refund for used sessions?

Any used sessions will not be refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What method of training do you use?
We use positive reinforcement techniques. We don't use shock collars, choke chains, or anything that would cause your dog fear. We like to have fun while sticking to techniques backed by science.

Do you treat separation anxiety?

We do not. This is a specialty and you’ll want to work with your vet and a separation anxiety specialist. I do encourage certain treat-based tools that may help with your absence and minor techniques, but this is not our specialty.

Why is training priced so high?
We actually price ourselves at a middle base of what we see in the industry today. For our schooling, drive time to your home, and tools, we have to price ourselves at a healthy wage. To lower the cost of your training sessions, feel free to request for your in-home lessons to be virtual instead. This will give you significant savings! Please email:

Do you take clients for Houston and Austin, TX? What about anywhere else?
We currently offer in-home services for Austin, TX and surrounding Austin communities. For Houston and surrounding areas, we may offer one in-home lesson. Availability is tight. We recommend virtual training lessons. 

Is virtual consulting as effective as in-person?

Absolutely! Training is taught to the owner on how to handle the dog. We'll provide written notes and check in to make sure you're adequately progressing.

Do you guarantee results?
As long as you're consistent in your training and coachable, you will see results. However, we do not guarantee satisfaction of goals. Every dog is different and sometimes we do have to alter our expectations. Dogs are not robots. We have to be flexible to their needs and desires.

How often do I take lessons?
We normally meet once a week or bi-weekly. This keeps you accountable and the training as consistent as possible. Overall, we're pretty flexible with our scheduling and understand things come up.

How do I decipher from the Puppy Journey program and the Cityside Obedience program?

For dogs under 5 months old, you can register for the puppy program. For dogs 5 months old and over, you can register for the Cityside Obedience program.

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