Ready to end the struggle and create a dream relationship with your dog?
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What if you can make every experience a learning opportunity for your pet?

What if you could be a part of a community that supports you and your dog's success?

What if you could trust your dog to go anywhere on a loose leash at all times?

In this program, you'll discover how to:

Have your dog greet friends and family in a mannerly behavior so you feel at ease to introduce your dog to anyone who is important to you.

Provide you with the necessary foundation of understanding and tools so you feel confident in setting your dog up for success.

Build the life long bond and appreciation by taking your dog to a variety of environments so your dog can truly be your partner in any adventure you set your mind to. 

Sportive woman walks her dog on a leash | Top Dog Trainer in Austin TX
Top Dog Trainer in Austin TX

Private Lessons

In your home, on your schedule, with an expert dog trainer. One on one instruction to focus on your best learning style and needs.

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Day Training

Need results fast but struggling to find time to train? Join the most comprehensive program that we offer. 

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Virtual Learning

Covid-safe instruction via video conference on a flexible schedule.

About the Venture Dog Training

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to help dog owners build a better relationship with their dog through education, communication, and shared adventures. We do this by providing behavioral support, resources, and education to families and by organizing events where people can experience the world around them in new ways, including their pets.


Our goal is that through these objectives, we can help build a world where dog owners of all backgrounds can experience the joy of exploring the world around them with a reliable, trustwothy, well-behaved canine companion.

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