This specialized multi-service program is for dogs who are experiencing increased arousal in or out of the house. This is a behavior focused program with a dedication on increasing overall quality of life for your dog utilizing foundational skills related to canine fitness and enrichment.

This includes behaviors such as barking, growling, or lunging on leash, resource guarding, or exhibiting fear or anxiety to a specific visual or audio trigger. We can help.

Our behavior consultant, Steven Tallas, has a diploma from Companion Animal Science Institute in Canine Behavior Science and Technology with a specialization in Aggressive Behavior in Dogs, is a Certified Behavior Consultant - Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and has completed the Aggression in Dogs Master Course by World Renowned Behavior Expert, Michael Shikashio. Steven devotes himself to investing in the most up-to-date and humane training methods to help dogs thrive.

Reactive Dog Training Program in Austin, TX

We will work on the following:

  • Building an Action Plan of what we’d like to see starting today

  • Helping you understand the root of your dog’s behavior to prevent and change it

  • Building a foundation for appropriate behaviors moving forward

  • Creating an ongoing management plan where you and your dog can live a drama-free life.

Through this program, we'll work to have you experience peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and responsive to you, your dog can freely express themselves without violence or threats, and we'll encourage building on new activities in which you and your dog can enjoy.

Combining Canine Fitness and Behavior Like Never Before...

  • Learn scientifically proven behavior modification techniques that directly impact your dog's behavior

  • Maximize each body system including the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous system etc. Create systems of harmony.

  • Create a safe environment where your dog can engage in various mental and physical challenges in the comfort of their own home.

  • Build overall confidence while bonding with your pet. Train smarter Bond stronger.

Dog Fitness Training in Austin, TX

Explore Our Options

Reactive Multi-Service Program (Intro Package)

1 one-hour virtual lesson to get to know your situation and start action planning. Plus, 1 one-hour lesson in your home. Add lessons at your convenience.


  • Allows your trainer to set your home environment up for success

  • Great for questions and answers with a certified trainer

  • No commitment necessary

  • Cost efficient

Reactive Multi Service Program

6 one-hour lessons in your home. This specialty package comes with the most frequent hands on work, trainer guidance, and can be used in and out of your home or to take your trainer with you and your dog throughout Austin.


  • Gradual exposure to public outings and stimuli

  • Extensive coaching and feedback on you and your dog's progress to keep you on track

  • Full phone and text support between lessons

  • Includes a customized lesson plan with behavior measurements

  • Week-by-week check-ins

  • Free Extra Lesson up to 1 month after the ending of the dog training program

"Steven worked and is still working wonders with my dog, Hobbs. Hobbs is a rescue. Hobbs loves people, but has many traits of a dog that was born and spent some time on the streets. He is a bit reactive, guards resources, and has some stranger danger. But, also, like most rescues, Hobbs has a heart of gold and Steven really brought that out in him. Steven communicates well with me and with Hobbs. I receive continuous updates on his progress through calls, texts, and even a spreadsheet with what he's learned. I think the biggest miracle is that when I say "crate", Hobbs actually goes in his crate! The most important thing to me is not that Steven has taught Hobbs how to be a good dog, but that Hobbs loves Steven! I would recommend Steven to any dog lover who wants to make their dog's world safer and happier."
- Amy C.

"Steven has been such a pleasure to work with! I had recently adopted a new dog, Maverick, and was having some concerns with reactivity. He gave us some advice and tools to work on, little did I know that a month later he would be a completely different dog! His behavior has improved so much and we’re both at peace! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving us guidance, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!"
- Natali J.

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