Behavior Modification

Does your dog experience fearful behavior, guard resources such as food and toys, or normally have conflict issues with people or other dogs? This program is for you!

In this program you'll learn our proven Fear Free method of behavior modification, We work to build a rewarding atmosphere for your dog while teaching you how a skilled pet parent.

  • You will understand why your dog is behaving fearful or reactive in many situations

  • You'll notice yourself becoming fully aware of your dog's environment and predict potential problems before they arise

  • You'll gain an understanding of what to do in a variety of stressful scenarios 

  • Your household will be properly set up to manage your dog inside and out 

  • You'll notice an increase in obedience like sit, stay, and place

Dog Behavior Training

I help frustrated pet parents who are dealing with dogs who are fearful or conflicting around other dogs and people gain, understanding of their dog’s life. I do this by 


  1. Teaching you how to prevent future problems

  2. Work on yours and your dog’s level of comfortability and understanding,

  3. Build behaviors that you want to see in the future.

Through this program, you will create a peace of mind that your dog is safe and responsive. The dog can freely express themselves in a positive manner and reframes the social life that both you and the dog can engage in.

"We first used Steven as a dog trainer with our anxious dog Abby. He played games with her to increase her confidence. Next came stopping Jackson from running off when he wasn’t allowed. Then we had puppy training for our Great Dane Cooper. Steven had Cooper walking beautifully on a leash within four sessions. If you’ve ever had a large dog, you know how important it is to have them under control on walks. Sit/stay training for Baron and confidence training for Cooper continues so that we may have healthy balanced dogs. We wouldn’t trust anyone but Steven with our fur babies. He’s our go-to every time."

Anne S.