Struggling with behaviors such as mouthing, pottying in the house, or crying in the crate? Want to spend less time struggling, and more time bonding with your puppy? This program is for you!

Advantages of our Puppy Journey program:​

  • The whole family will be on the same page for their dog’s training.

  • Effective solutions for puppy behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and chewing.

  • Gain confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your puppy.

  • Your household will be properly set up to manage your new puppy inside and out.

Build a Lifelong Foundation

Surviving puppyhood can be tough for a pet parent. Addressing early problem behaviors while creating foundational skills that will have your puppy grow into a well-rounded adult dog is important.

This course covers basic manners such as leave it and coming when called, walking nicely on leash, and core obedience skills such as sit, down, and settle.

Puppy training is the foundation that your lifelong relationship with your dog is built on. Let us help you make it a good one.

Puppies that ace their obedience may register for AKC STAR Puppy Test! This is an exciting test with the sole purpose of promoting training and responsibility for young dogs. Passing puppies will earn an official certificate from the American Kennel Club.
Let your trainer know if you'd like to register for the STAR Puppy Booster.

Start Your Puppy Off On The Right Paw

  • Teach your puppy cues such as sit, down, and leave it

  • Relieve common problem behaviors such as urinating in the house, excessive mouthiness, and demand barking

  • Enjoy our comprehensive approach without worrying about all the other fluff advice

  • Create an enriching life that you and your puppy enjoy

Explore Our Options

The Puppy Journey Program (Intro Package)

1 one-hour virtual lesson to get to know your situation and start action planning. Plus, 1 one-hour lesson in your home.


  • Allows your trainer to set your home environment up for success

  • Good for questions and answers along

  • with 1 lesson follow-up

  • No commitment necessary

  • Cost efficient

The Puppy Journey Program

6, and 8 lesson packages. Each package offers one-hour lessons in your home. This specialty package comes with the most frequent hands on work, trainer guidance, and can be used in your own home or to take your trainer alongside you as you and your puppy tour Austin.


  • Takes place inside the puppy's home environment

  • Effectively allows the trainer to puppy proof the home

  • Allows your trainer to create a customized lesson plan

  • Allows your trainer to tackle the specific undesirable behaviors

  • Dress like a pro: Your trainer will give you guidance on what equipment you need that will further progress

  • Phone and Email Support Available

  • Free Extra Lesson up to 1 month after the ending of the puppy training program

"Steven from Venture Dog Training is AMAZING!!!! After just a few sessions our new Cavapoo Mollie Marie was doing everything I could ask her to do. Steven has amazing patience, structure, and a training plan that worked amazing for us. She is the most well behaved dog at the age of 6 months I could have ever asked for. ZERO chance our relationship would be as good as it is if it was not for Venture Dog Training. Mollie and my relationship works because of Steven and Venture Dog Training."
- Ramon R.

"I highly recommend working with Steven. Steven always brought a calm presence to our house. I felt 100% confident that he would help me train and understand my dog. Steven has a kind, loving, gentle approach. He heard my concerns and addressed them at each session. I learned what my dog is capable of - and my relationship with my dog has improved greatly. I learned: drop it, leave it, find it, place, stay, wait, crate, and much more."
Andrea S.

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