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When we take a puppy into our home, unfortunately, it doesn't come with a training manual. Without equipping ourselves with the proper knowledge and skills first, this leaves endless possibilities for the puppy to have accidents in the house. Effectively teaching potty training takes very concise steps that will properly motivate your puppy to go outside to potty. In this lesson, we will go over the six rules that will lead to success without ever having to worry again.

These quick tips will help answer some of your questions about potty training while upping your parent-game into learning how to teach your puppy the right way. This include the following:

Teach your dog to play mannerly by engaging them in 3 easy games that satisfy their instinctual needs:

  • Being in the moment

  • To Scold Or Not to Scold

  • The Clean Up

  • The Stalk Game

  • The Tug Game

  • The Retrieve Game

These games encourage your dog to learn structure when playing with other dogs, other members of the family, and yourself.

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