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Considering adoption?

2020 has been a record-breaking year in so many ways, including record numbers of people deciding that staying home makes now a great time to add a pet to their family. Venture Dog Trainer Brandi McKnight has a strong background with rescue pups and is a long-time trainer with Houston Pets Alive. Here are some tips from her on finding the perfect match for your family from one of our local shelters or rescues.

Houston features a huge wealth of both shelters and rescue groups. Processes are different with each shelter or rescue group, but a few commonalities are universal.

“I looked for a dog who was comfortable with being handled, and comfortable with my child, and which didn’t display any aggressive or fearful behavior towards me.” Brandi explains. Dogs who are outgoing and interested in people even in a stressful environment can make easier family companions than extremely shy or fearful dogs, although even fearful behavior generally improves with a quieter environment.

Venture Dog Training can help you find a great family pet, including in-shelter consultations. Contact us for more information, or book your Free Discovery Call Now.

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